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Termoplastik Grubu

PVC-H Profil Hattı

It is designed for enabling of raw materials like hard PVC (PVC-H) and ABS to provide the best properties during the processing stage in processing in various profile structure without deteriorating  (to yellow). Regarding the product technical property and process status, by forming different line groups with different units, a product with perfect mechanical, thermal and optical properties is obtained.

  • In-line manufacturing capability with the automation system that is controlled over the touch sensitive single panel.
  • Basic automation equipment that can be controlled manually if desired.
  • Extruder and special barrel-screw system that provide perfect mix and dimensional stability.
  • Ergonomic and omni caliber and cooling unit.
  • Professional head-die
  • Cutting unit that provides maximum precision, tolerance and high speed.
  • Automated security systems that preserve the work and process security at the maximum level.